WARNING!    Technology Can Be Hazardous to Your Child’s Health!

  • Children watch an average of 20 to 30 hours of TV per week
  • By five years of age, a child has watched 5,000 hours of TV (= College Degree)
  • Children with TVs and computers in their bedrooms use them more
    (which is not necessarily a good thing!)
  • Computer chip toys are not always educational and they are noisy!

Emotional Hazards for Young Children include:


social withdrawl depression/anxiety
loss of creativity attention problems
learning disabilities poor motivation for learning

Physical Hazards for Children include:


musculo-skeletal injuries visual strain and myopia
headaches sleep disturbances
obesity exposure to toxic emissions
electromagnetic radiation hearing loss

What Should We Do?

  1. Limit the use of computers, TVs, video games and computer chip toys.
  2. The American Pediatric Association advises: Children under the age of two should not watch TV or use computers.
  3. Children need “hands on” not “eyes on” play experiences. They need to build and draw and pretend, and to move around to learn. They need to play with YOU!

c2006 Yvonne Adebar
Surrey/White Rock IDP