The Importance of Attachment

What is attachment? Attachment is the deep, long lasting bond between you and your child during the baby? first several years of life.

Why is attachment so important? The early attachment years greatly affect everything about your child throughout his /her life. Attachment affects your child? mind, body, emotions, relationships and moral values. Children who receive warm and responsive care giving and who form secure attachments:

  • Cope with stress and difficult times more easily when they are older
  • Are more curious
  • develop independence
  • get along better with other children
  • Form long-term friendships
  • Trust authority figures
  • Have empathy and compassion
  • Perform better at school
  • Know how to attach to their children when they become parents

Secure attachment provides a child with:

  • Safety and protection
  • Basic trust that will influence all future emotional relationships
  • The Ability to explore his environment safely and securely, which leads to a curiosity for learning
  • The ability to manage his impulses and emotions
  • Feelings of confidence and self-worth
  • Empathy, compassion and conscience
  • The ability to be resilient and resourceful
  • Defense against stress and trauma

How do I go about providing this attachment?

  • The best way is through touch. The most powerful way to establish human relationships is through loving touch, one of our most basic needs. For instance, breastfeeding provides loving skin to skin touch and excellent nurturing
  • Hold and handle your baby safely
  • Make eye contact. This helps your baby? brain grow, while teaching him to make eye contact and to have positive communication
  • Smile at your baby. Smiling helps the baby feel safe and secure, while providing warmth, joy and love
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Meeting all of your babies needs

You cannot spoil a baby with love!

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